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 Hacker Notice and Disclaimer

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PostSubject: Hacker Notice and Disclaimer   Hacker Notice and Disclaimer Icon_minitimeSun Sep 07, 2008 5:36 pm

It is to be expected that from time to time, people like to try and hack into forums and other sites or befriend others in order to gain personal information for their personal gratification. This site endeavours to take reasonable action to make sure this is a secure site for it is being provided as a good will volunteer resource to help people. However like all internet resources, there are some clever people who can still outwit and succeed and this is out of admin's control.

Let it be a warning though that any hacker found to be utilising this site and accessing information fraudelently from members or the site itself will, without hesitation, be referred to criminal authorities through admin's direct connections to the AFP (Australian Federal Police).

If you feel that you may be targeted or there are suspicious activity happening on your username account, please notify admin immediately. Things such as a dual appearance when you are online (including the ability to log out but still remain logged in, to find yourself logged in on your next visit when you are sure you logged out when you last left etc are not always necessarily the sign of a hacker and instead a glitch but it is a viable activity that would need to be investigated).

Whilst we all like to be able to be open and honest with each other here, there will always be someone who will attempt to make a mockery of someone else or desire to build a personal profile out of someone because they have nothing better to do.

An updated karmic justice seal has been sent out to the universe regarding this forum and members who wish to be protected by it, that should a hacker be detected through low energy signatures, and behaving in less than noble causes, it will be served immediately as the universe sees fit best suited to that persons life plan. Admin does have the ability to send out frequency much like a sonar to detect blips in the system, so ultimately none go unnoticed, despite it may seeming otherwise. How justice is answerable and served in this kind of situation is not related in any way to admin, but instead the universal and manmade forces that is earth laws.

With all this said, any hacker who does which to recieve annulment from the universal karmic seal would only have to be brave enough to admit the indiscression to admin and all will be forgiven on a universal level and negotiations regarding AFP taken seriously depending on the nature of the indiscretion.

It brings great sadness in having to even post such a thing but it is necessary in order to protect the integrity and privacy of patrons and members of this site when it comes to reasonable threat.

It is admins strong recommendation that members use an abstract hotmail account to register membership so it is a generic email address that will not matter for spam, do not use a high risk password, do not provide any information to any person or within any post that they would not be comfortable with voicing in public, as the internet is a public resource and also a information avenue to which is abused by too many. As long as one speaks in light, love and in truth, one will be more protected from accruing negative universal justice karma.

Personal discretion is required when tendering information onto any site within the internet and that includes any time you data entry anything stored on your computer hard drive or across into an internet site when accessing the net. Discretion and caution needs to be exercised here and elsewhere for your own safety.

If you are not sure what you want possibly retrieved by a hacker, simply back up your hard drive files and store off site onto a disk or a usb drive and keep your system cleared habitually each time you enter onto the net.
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Hacker Notice and Disclaimer
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