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 moderator - spiritual counsellor and intuitive consultant, jodie arnold

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PostSubject: moderator - spiritual counsellor and intuitive consultant, jodie arnold   moderator - spiritual counsellor and intuitive consultant, jodie arnold Icon_minitimeThu May 22, 2008 2:18 pm

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Jodie is one of South Australia's most experienced, resourceful and credible spiritual consultants to date, and is the founding spiritual counsellor of this intuitive site. She has been tendering spiritual counselling for many years. In over the last 30 years, Jodie has been mastering all of the professionally equivalent skills required to credibly oversee and administer the spiritual provisions of all this site's featured services.

She is not religious preferenced and not sectarian allianced. Jodie is independant of all faith systems and uses her own personal belief system based on her own independant spirtual enterprises and benevolent free will. Because of her broad and extensive experience in such intuitive endeavours, Jodie carries with her the knowledge and exertise that is resultant of such comprehesive multidimensional research and interaction.

She is not a vague psychic or general medium but a specialised light-worker known as a mortal earth guide. This is because unlike most 'psychics' or 'mediums' she does not utilise an 4th dimensinal astral intuitive perception to disclose vague messages or conflictive enlightenment but instead confidently engages her 6th dimensional consciousness in order to continually provide credible accurate and comprehensive multidimensional enlightenment and guidance through spiritual counselling in all matters celestial.

Such is the demand for the credibility of Jodie's ability to warmly assist others to navigate their life experiences, that she regularly counsels clients and many word-of-mouth local and international referal clients.

Along with providing readings of various forms, Jodie is also referred to for various forms of counselling and consultancy in matters of -

Spiritual counselling
Intuitive development
Akashic information retrieval
Universal entity vanquish and banishment
Galactic authority
Discarnate advocacy, healing, clearing
Reiki therapy (‘Traditional’ and Non Traditional)
Feng Shui
Child medium consultancy support
Angel therapy
Curse intervention
Manifestation disciplines
Karma diagnosis and healing
Dream interpretation
Vision analysis
Sign and symbology interpretation
Witchcraft knowledge
Absent healing therapy
Astral travelling resourcing
Aura restoration therapy
Expert psychic defence, protection, combat guidance
Consciousness ascention support work

...jodie's spiritual background

Jodie has spent a lifetime of conscious interaction with a broad range of multidimensional energies from the Astral, Heavenly and Galactic realms. She has always been fully consciously aware of and using these spiritual dimensions since birth and has numerous publicly proven adept disciplines that qualify her as a credible intuitive consultant; beyond that of the average mainstream ‘psychic’. The difference being that unlike the average psychic, Jodie sources and utilises her capabilities from beyond the astral realm.

Many psychics (including those who term themselves professionally as mediums) are credible but many are restricted to the discernment of what is offered by the lower energies of the universe. Therefore in general, despite benevolent intentions of any one psychic or intuitive consultant, information is often restricted to low energy sources and influences so are not always proven helpful; especially when information is needed to be profoundly accurate, but is instead, at times, seeming vague at best

This general comparison is not a judgement of psychic ability for any one particular person or collective provider, but rather a simple universal truth. And it is this spiritual fact which legitimately distinguishes Jodie from others in her own right.

Jodie is a spiritualist who follows no particular faith system nor conforms to any particular religion. Because she is decidedly independent of such Earthly influences, all dealings with her remain souly linked towards the one infinite consciousness. However Jodie not only acknowledges but also respects individuals with their personal preferences in following any particular earthly faith and/or religious systems needed in order to navigate their lives.

Therefore there is no such particular conviction or fundamental prerequisite necessary in order to become accessible to, and benefit from, the benevolent presence of the universe and all that which comprises the make up of this cosmos when in consultation with Jodie.

As the infinite consciousness is already available to all, many people are already happily on the way to independently utilizing that core soul freedom through a passage of self discovery and inner self liberation; whereas others need extra practical help to attune and to integrate this universal spiritual freedom through the guidance of an knowledged and experienced consultant.

This is where consultants like Jodie can independently assist in properly helping clients with rediscovering their universal blue print path as effectively as possible without the added confusion and frustration of any various instilled convictions hindering the process.

Because Jodie obtains her sources and information from the Heavenly dimension and beyond, she is able to ensure that all accessed credible and reliable information is disclosed in a manner of confidential and ethical integrity; assuring a non bias experience is delivered to all clients in accordance with the natural flows of the universe instead of the convictions belonging to any particular spiritual affiliation.

Jodie consciously works and interacts within the Earth, Astral, Heavenly and Cosmic dimensions – conducting Akashic investigations and consulting various benevolent etheric spirit ‘hierarchy’. Akasha being things made of infinite energy; usually in the form of eternal records of every individual soul kept in the Great Library, information sourced in the Halls of Learning, and everything that etheric (soul) energy is applied. Akasha retrieval is not an easy feat, but is possible in most cases due to the disciplined nature of Jodie’s conscious spiritual competency.

The Astral dimension holds lower energies such as newly deceased people, trapped souls, rogue entities and other similar beings. It is accessed with full intuitive sensory perception but generally comprises in overlapping with the Earthly realm (or as we all know it to be as physical life) as the bridge into the Heavenly dimension.

Jodie is easily able to enter and interact within this astral dimension, see, hear and communicate with the beings connected with this realm. It is the breeding ground of the dark, where exorcisms and clearings in general are conducted by light workers, but also where ordinary people in general notice the ghosts, hauntings and demonic disturbances that they randomly experience when interlapping into the physical world.

The Heavenly dimension is home of the ascended angels, people and creatures that reside in the light dimension after having crossed over from the Earth dimension and through the Astral dimension. It is only accessible by a mortal through an disciplined act of conscious soul projection (known as astral travelling); but requires an intuitive meditative state to enter and an controllable active subconsciousness to interact.

Such an achievement is the defining hallmark of a intuitive consultant, for the journey, although excepti-onal in experience, is fraught with danger when protection, psychic combat and sub conscious interplay is paramount to the preservation of physical mortality during each spiritual experience.

Jodie has spent many years of daily angel guided training to achieve such an ability; and even then it is still only possible to undertake when one is able to adeptly broaden consciousness simultaneously across the dimensions during the time of any journey. Only when the Heavenly masters are satisfied that the mortal visitor is conscientious to manage such responsibility of interaction and knowledge bearing within both the Heavenly and Physical dimensions, does the mortal become granted with the privilege of future access during Earthly transience.

Jodie is able to enter this Heavenly realm and navigate with precision in accordance of the certain governing universal ‘laws’ associated with Heavenly interaction during temporary access. Various important benevolent beings are able to be consulted with; including the wise keepers of Akasha - the Lord of Karma, the Lord of Continuum, the Lord of Physics; orchestrators of mortal life blue print plans for the souls of Heaven, later sanctified by the universal infinite creator.

In the Heavenly realm, information that can dramatically effect the course of someone’s mortal life experience is not granted to just anyone; only through strict and thorough certain requirements being met does this information become disclosed. Thus Akasha retrieval is a specialist endeavour and is not offered to just anyone due to the preservation of the higher good and spiritual liberty of all things intertwined needing to be paramount above all.

The Cosmic dimension is the consciousness existence beyond the Heavenly dimension. The galactic races, the universal entity races (both light and dark, soulful and mechanical) various genuine cosmic gods and goddesses, plus the utilization of the variable level components that comprise one’s own sub consciousness, exist in this dimension.

The conscious use of the human subconscious is possible in this realm and is how the evolutionary powers accumulated through the eternal existence to date are utilised to navigate and interact within such a broad domain. It is where the global, solar system and galactic perspective is initiated, and only in part similarly resembling to the ‘Star Trek New Generation’-like existences and lifestyles of neighbouring universal systems, when taken beyond.

The Cosmic dimension is also configured with vast dangers and unmet conscious life forms not yet fathomable in the imagination of modern mainstream humanity, but then it is the case also with the vast groups of benevolents that also exist unrecognized alongside. Presently Jodie has limited resources to navigate and interact within this dimension based on experience and consciousness evolution to date, but she has at times been able to directly connect in part with the Galactic ascended masters as part of her personal research.

Since Jodie is a channel and multidimensional ‘traveller’ of the higher dimensions, although she works in the service of light, she is adept in the knowledge about the dark. And it is through bearing this balance that she is able to benevolently serve others in healing, enlightenment and mentoring as an genuine Earth Guide intuitive consultant.

Currently Jodie is the primary consultant in the service she provides through her website but she has a team of talented associate consultants available also for referrals in certain specialist themes. For more information, google 'spiritual counselling with jodie' or visit her website at:

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moderator - spiritual counsellor and intuitive consultant, jodie arnold
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