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spiritual, intuitive, metaphysical, paranormal and supernatural themed discussions and counsel
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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Icon_minitimeThu May 22, 2008 1:46 pm

Welcome All,

Because everyone has an opinion and a personality, we will all be to some degree different to each other. If we stick to the rules and respect each others diversity, we will all get on fine and hopefully create some prosperous associations.

1. We do not represent any group or speak for any government body, comments here are of the individuals own comments.

2. Personal attacks on other forum members qualify you immediately for for unreserved moderation.

3. Derogatory comments or racism will not be tolerated.

4. Please DO NOT post intimate personal sensitive information about yourself (you do so at your own risk) or other members, regardless if they give you permission. Should this happen once and conflict arises as a result after that, the situation will be discussed privately in pm by relevant parties and if not resolve immediately the first time, conflicting accounts will be deleted.

5. Using swear words or offensive slang is not acceptable

6. Religion and faith is each person's own belief. This subject or any relating subject will NOT be put out for soapbox public debate. Any disrespect or ranting (trolling) and its immediate deletion of your account.

7. Please try to keep threads in line with the topic heading - tangents are inevitable but as long as it doesnt fall offcourse for too long and realigns back to the topic theme quickly this will be acceptable.

8. Threads about ALL illegal activities or discriminative or offensive activities/comments will assist in automatic membership deletion.

This forum is for holistic spiritual themes, not your own personal trampling space. If you keep to the subject and the rules, it saves admin the drama of having to be the bad guy.

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Forum Rules
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