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spiritual, intuitive, metaphysical, paranormal and supernatural themed discussions and counsel
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 Introducing this forum...

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Introducing this forum... Empty
PostSubject: Introducing this forum...   Introducing this forum... Icon_minitimeSun Sep 21, 2008 3:53 am

Welcome to our forum everyone.

This is a private forum where people are encouraged to be open, truthful and speak with integrity and honesty about their spirituality experiences and views.

A few changes had to be made recently to protect member integrity and provide a warm loving sanctuary when sharing their inner most of themselves, as well as install an reasonable measure against trolls and spam that has been flooding other spiritual sites recently. Such measures also act to reasonably shield members against any undesireable potential overt public confrontation that they are not ready to deal with yet from others.

All people in the public arena are welcome to register as members if they are happy to acknowledge the rules, terms and conditions of this forum; it is primarily an adult only forum because some threads do contain supernatural themes and explores all aspects of spirituality, including personal relationships, mystical marriages and ethereal philosophy about sexuality, so parts of the forum is not appropriate for children under 16 years of age to access.

All new registrations will be individually activated, so as to reasonably moderate trolls, spamming and child protection issues. It is not an indicator that this forum should be elitist or contains great mystical secrets than any others, its just a measure of protection for members when they enter here when posting with discussions.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and talking with you on the board!
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Introducing this forum...
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